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In addition to reprinting historic photographs from our archives, the Society has created a number of original items for sale.  We offer books, postcards, magnets, research guides, coloring books, reproduction maps, and prints.  New items are always being created, and are available for sale through our website and at all our events. 

You can obtain any of these items at our events, by mail, or online.  We also have an online store at Cafe Press where there are many other items for sale.  (Items marked with a TE include information about Thomas Edison, our most famous resident.)



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Item Number                       Description                                                     Price

000              Greetings from Metuchen & Edison                      $40

The Metuchen-Edison Historical Society is proud to offer its newly published Greetings from Metuchen and Edison, a century-long anecdotal adventure in postcards and ephemera. Released in October 2015, this original historical society publication includes more than 300 full color images in 150 pages. The images are entertainingly annotated and provide a lively, guided tour through our local history by means of postcard views and souvenirs from both the Society‚Äôs and private collections. This book makes an ideal gift for local history fans and deltiologists alike! Plus $5.75 Shipping 

001                  Crumbs of Comfort                                                         $4.00

                        Reproduction of an 1888 Cookbook with a history of Metuchen 

                        & her Churches by Rev. JG Mason.  Also a recipie for cooking

                        husbands, plus advertisements of local businesses.

002                 Boyhood Days In Old Metuchen 3rd printing of            $15.00

                       this classic book about Metuchen from 1870's to

                       the 1920's.  By Dr. David Trumbull Marshall.  Includes

                       memories of Menlo Park and Thomas Edison.  TE

Sold Out no longer in Stock 2-2020 We are working on an updated issue of the book.

003                Images of America Edison                                              $19.00

                      By Stacy Spies. With over 250 photographs this book

                      captures the history of the people and the community.

                      Included are photographs of Thomas Edison, Menlo Park,

                     Camp Klimer, Raritan Arsenal.  TE 

004               Images of America Metuchen                                        $19.00

                     By Stacy Spies.  Containig over 250 images of Metuchen

                     including many by J. Lloyd Grimstead.  Main St., railroads,

                     churches, police & firemen photographs. 

005               Images of America Fords                                                $19.00   

                     By:  Jean Bulla.  Photographs and descriptions of life

                     in the Fords section of Woodbridge. 

                    Sold Out No longer in stock 4-2011

006              Images of America Edison Firefighting                         $19.00

                    By Eugene A. Enfield Jr. Hundreds of photographs of

                    Edison firefighters, their equipment, and in action! 

                    Raritan Engine Co.# I, Raritan Engine Co. #2, Edison Volunteer

                    Fire Co. #1, H.K. Volunteer Fire Co., Oak Tree Volunteer

                    Fire Co. TE  

007              Images of America Lehigh Valley Railroad                    $20.00

                    By Ralph Heiss.  Photographs of the Lehigh Valley

                    Railroad through New Jersey.  Including places in

                    Metuchen and Edison. Sold Out No Longer in Stock 4-2011

008              Guide to Edison                                                                  $5.00

                    By Ian Durand, April Cormaci and the Center for Community

                    Renewal.  This comprehensive guide to Edison contains, maps

                    showing the location of public facilities, schools, historic sites,

                    parks, and community groups. TE

009              Researching The History of Your House                      $15.00 

                    This large workbook is chock full of information on how to

                    find out the history of your house.  From architectural styles

                    to deed search, this book has it all.  From our 2006 Old

                    House workshop.  Sold Out No Longer in Stock  2-2020

010             How to Research a House   booklet                                   $1.00

011             Toonerville Trolley  Poster                                                $3.00

                   (14" w X 21" h) A photo and description of the one car

                   trolley that ran down Main St. in Metuchen until 1922.

012              1876 Raritan Township  Map      TE                                   $3.00

                    (18"w X 25" h)  Includes an insert map showing the Menlo

                    Park neighborhood before Thomas Edison arrived.  Sold Out No           Longer in Stock  2-2020

013              1868  Metuchen Map                                                          $3.00

                    (17.5" w X 23" h)

014              Franklin School  Fine Art Print                                             $20.00

                   By Edward Wetzel.  A print of the old Metuchen

                   High School which stood on Middlesex Ave. until the 1990s.

015             Note Cards (Box of 12 cards 4 of each house)                      $5.00

                   DeMott/Henning House, 1901 (no longer existing)

                   Mary Wilkins Freeman House.  Lake Ave. (no longer existing)

                   280 Amboy Ave.  (structure predates the Revolutionary War)

                   Robins Estate.  Woodbridge Ave. 1800's (Current site of Redfield  


016              Postcard:  Allen-Ayers House, Metuchen (B&W).                  $1.00

017              Postcard:  Horse Trough, Metuchen (B&W).                         $1.00

018              Postcard:  Pennsylvania Railroad Station (B&W)                  $1.00

019              Postcard:  Shotwell House (B&W)                                         $1.00

020              Postcard:  St. James Church (B&W)                                     $1.00

021              Postcard:  Thomas Edison's Laboratory, Menlo Park. TE     $1.00

022              Post Card  New Jersey Turnpike (Color)                               $1.00

023             Coloring Book of Metuchen Architecture                        $6.00

024             Exit 10  a book by Tom Cheche.                                         $16.00      

                  A funny account of growing up in Metuchen in the 1950's and 1960's.

025            Marty's Musings   by Marty Jessen                                   

                  Hardcover                                                                            $25.00

                  Softcover                                                                             $18.00

026            Hole in the Donut by Alan Hansen                                    $10.00

Sold out No Longer in Stock  2-2020

027            Nannygoats the First Decade (2003-2013)                     $25.00 

028           2018 Raritan Arsenal Tee Shirt                                       $15.00      

029           Metuchen Edison Historical Society Magnet                     $10.00