The Metuchen-Edison Historical Society

Photograph Reprints

The Metuchen-Edison Historical Society has over 3,000 photographs of this area. To order click on the order form, print it out, and mail it in with payment.

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We are working on ways to put the complete list of photos on the website, below are partial listings.

Metuchen & Edison Photographs (by street)

2nd Street
3rd Street
4th Street
5th Street
6th Street
7th Street
Alborne Street
Amboy Avenue
Andre Avenue
Bissett Street
Bounty Street
Brunswick Avenue
Burchard Street
Carlton Road
Carlton Street
Carson Avenue
Cedar Street
Central Avenue
Charles Street
Chestnut Street
Clarendon Court
Cliffwood Place
Clinton Place
Clive Street
Cornell Place
Delta Avenue
Division Street
Durham Avenue
East Maple Street
East Walnut Street
Edgewood Road
Eggert Avenue
Elm Avenue
Elmwood Avenue
Ely Court
Essex Avenue
Franklin Place
George Street
Graham Avenue
Grove Avenue
High Street
Highland Avenue
Hillcrest Avenue
Hillside Avenue
Home Street
Homer Place
James Place
Jonesdale Avenue
Kempson Place
Lafayette Avenue
Lahiere Avenue
Lake Avenue
Laureldale Avenue
Lincoln Avenue
Linden Avenue
Main Street
Maple Avenue
Maplewood Avenue
Mayfield Place
McCoy Avenue
McPherson Avenue
Middlesex Avenue
Myrtle Avenue
New Street
Newman Street
North Thomas Street
Oak Hills
Oak Avenue
Park Place
Peltier Avenue
Plainfield Avenue
Pleasant Avenue
Pleasant Street/Place
Prospect Avenue
Robins Place
Rose Street
Route 27
School Street
Sheridan Avenue
Simpson Street
Spring Street
Sylvan Avenue
Thomas Street
Tulsa Avenue
Voorhees Place
Walnut Place
Waltuma Avenue
Washington Place
West Cedar Street
West Maple Street
West Walnut Street
William Street
Woodbridge Avenue

Highland Park Photographs (by street)

Abbott Street
Adelaide Avenue
Benner Street
Cleveland Avenue
Cliff Court
Donaldson Street
Graham Street
Grant Avenue
Harrison Avenue
Hill Street
Lawrence Avenue
Lincoln Avenue
Magnolia Street
North Second Avenue (N. 2nd)
North Third Avenue (N. 3rd)
North Forth Avenue (N. 4th)
North Fifth Avenue (N. 5th)
North Sixth Avenue (N. 6th)
North Seventh Avenue (N. 7th)
North Eighth Avenue (N. 8th)
South Second Avenue (S. 1st)
South Second Avenue (S. 2nd)
South Third Avenue (S. 3rd)
South Forth Avenue (S. 4th)
Wayne Street

The above lists are not comprehensive and do not include ALL structures on the street at the time. Also, some photographs were not assigned a street number. See the Metuchen-Edison Historical Society for a complete list of all photographs.